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Chris Graham

Chris Graham is a retired Police Officer of 15 years.  During his career, he had achieved the rank of Police Sergeant, was a SWAT Team Operator, and Police Sniper.  Chris prided himself in living a healthy lifestyle, and was a certified Physical Fitness Instructor for the Police Academy.


In November 2015, while on routine patrol, a person attacked Chris with a butcher knife which lead to the justified fatal shooting of his attacker.  Subsequently a decision was made for Chris to retire from the Police Department to preserve his mental health.


At 35 years old, Chris found his life heading in a completely different direction from where he had pictured it, and was trying to start life over.  Chris began to feel lost; struggled to find his new identity.  This began his struggle with depression.  Feeling lost and depressed, Chris lost his motivation for working out, eating healthy, and his overall wellness in general.


In May 2018, during a routine yearly physical with his Doctor, Chris was told that his cholesterol was at 257, and his risk for a heart attack was 6.5 (which was almost 3 times higher than someone at his age should be).  Chris realized that he was no longer the Superman he had always tried to be for his daughter, Klyee, and knew he had to retake his life.  


Chris is now on the road to physical and mental success.  One year later, in May 2019, Chris was able to bring his cholesterol down to 147, and lost almost 30lbs.  Chris says his mental clarity and motivation seems to be at an all time high, and be the best role model possible for Kylee.  He owes his success to his wife, Kristen, for staying by his side and helping him every step of the way.

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