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Kristen Graham

Kristen Graham is the SuperLeague World Champion, World Ranked Strongman Athlete, CrossFit Athlete and fitness model from New Jersey, U.S. She’s a respected athlete among her fellow competitors and fans, thanks to her achievements.

Kristen’s fitness journey all began in 2011, when she gained extra weight after giving a birth to her daughter. This is when Kristen turned to CrossFit "get fit", and never looked back – after a few years of training, she got into the best shape of her life, and became an accomplished athlete.

Kristen was 180 pounds at 3 months post-partum and did not want to be the mom that could not keep up with her daughter as she grew up. Having Chris Graham beside her, pushing and motivating her to conquer her goals has been a drive in the growth of Kristen’s abilities and strength as well as their relationship.

Kristen says “I am a strong and confident woman because my husband won’t have it any other way. In more ways than one, it helped us to continue to grow and support one another in the worst of times”.

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