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There is no give and go here. This means I will not give you a plan and let you run with it without me being there with you. Accountability is why my clients get the best results. We go over your blood work if you have it, your body scan if you have access (if you are local to me you will use mine), your current routine, and work on changes that need to be made. I believe in short term and realistic goals which we will set together.



Kristen will take a thorough look at "a day in the life" looks like for you. She recognizes your goals and your struggles to help to develop the best possible action plan to make you into the superhero you want to be for yourself and your family.

Consistency is Key. What does this mean?

You may have been given a diet in the past that is stagnant, meaning it does not change with you. That is bad. What we mean by "consistency is key" is that creating a routine in your body and sticking to it will help yo body to learn how to eat and fire like a well oiled machine. We take the guess workout of your diet and change your macros as you see results, hit a plateau, and based on our daily conversations. YES! DAILY!


Erin M.

My energy at the gym is up and I feel better in my skin. The weight definitely does not melt off of me now that I’m 41. I’ve always loved working out - but nutrition is a challenge! Having a plan and working closely with Kristen to see what works for me is really working. I especially love how available she is for an question I may have- I feel like she really knows me and we just met!


Samantha H.

I feel great! I started running everyday plus my workouts and yes I’m exhausted by end of day but I feel good. I’m pushing myself which overall feels good. My water intake is increasing everyday and I’m knocking it put. 

The workouts make me tired which I like because I feel like I’m really working my body. I want to look how I feel on inside and to be honest I haven’t felt this on point In awhile.


Joey P.

Thank you so much! I do have to say this is my absolute best shape I’ve ever been in appearance wise and endurance. Tiny bit of strength is gone but I haven’t been this light since like 10th grade. But I’m loving it I hope this isn’t my new normal weight. 


Melissa F.

I will not be able to repeat enough... How awesome this has been for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could get this low without missing out on life... Your skill and knowledge is amazing and I love your sweet genuine nature mixed with the perfect amount of all out freaking drive to push me. You rock!


Steven B.

Before I started with Kristen I was always tired overweight didn’t have the energy to spend with my kids just blah all the time now I am good energy I love playing with my kids I can actually run around with him without getting tired. I have changed mentally and physically.

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